TR Updates FutureMark Paper Website

TR Productions revised and fully  upgraded FutureMark Paper’s initial website. The company’s new color palette and design elements were incorporated into the website.

FutureMark Paper Company is an environmental paper manufacturer that produces high-quality paper with an unmatched level of recycled content. As the only company in North America capable of manufacturing up to 100 percent recycled coated mechanical printing paper, FutureMark Paper is committed to helping its customers achieve their environmental objectives without compromising on paper quality or performance.

TR is proud to be on the FutureMark marketing team. An expanded website is planned for the not too distant future!

Visit the website!


TR Designs New Website for The Minerva Network

MINERVA  Network provides health economics, outcomes research, and technology assessment services to its clients in Europe and North America. Their key focus is the identification, measurement, valuation, and comparison of the costs and effects of competing healthcare technologies for the purpose of informing pricing, reimbursement, and access decisions by healthcare authorities, providers, and insurers.

TR Productions designed their new website with a Content Management System, to enable MINERVA to manage the day to day maintenance of the website.

Visit the website!

TR Produces 2 Live Webcast Events for Hewlett Packard

TR Productions and BIO-IT World teamed up in April to produce two live webinars for Hewlett Packard.

The first webinar was called: Recognizing the Key Role of IT in Empowering Translational Research During this session, viewers will gain an experts view of why a successful IT infrastructure can be a quick win for R&D and lay the groundwork for better drug discovery and personalized medicine.

The second HP webinar was called: Trends in High Throughput Virtual Screening and was a combined program with Microsoft and Schrodinger.

The viewer will learn about Glide, Schrodinger’s docking software and HP Cluster Platforms that are providing solutions that address the needs of individual scientists, groups of researchers or datacenters while creating the potential to greatly enhance productivity and dramatically reduce development costs.

TR Partners with Towers Watson to Create Video For FM Global

A Human Resources video was developed for FM Global’s Total Rewards program. Like the company, the video project was global in nature. Video footage was sourced in 18 locations around the world. The best and most compelling content was sifted from over 35 hours of material.

Over 100 employees were interviewed, and B Roll was shot to support the program. A fun and interesting program – no more than 10 minutes in length was drawn from this effort.

The program showcased how FM Global employees can take advantage of the programs, benefits, and education offered that go well beyond an employee paycheck.