TR Produces 2 Live Webcast Events for Hewlett Packard

TR Productions and BIO-IT World teamed up in April to produce two live webinars for Hewlett Packard.

The first webinar was called: Recognizing the Key Role of IT in Empowering Translational Research During this session, viewers will gain an experts view of why a successful IT infrastructure can be a quick win for R&D and lay the groundwork for better drug discovery and personalized medicine.

The second HP webinar was called: Trends in High Throughput Virtual Screening and was a combined program with Microsoft and Schrodinger.

The viewer will learn about Glide, Schrodinger’s docking software and HP Cluster Platforms that are providing solutions that address the needs of individual scientists, groups of researchers or datacenters while creating the potential to greatly enhance productivity and dramatically reduce development costs.