TR Produces “Mission to Morocco” for CJP

February 8, 2021 – During the height of the Covid Pandemic, CJP’s (Combined Jewish Philanthropies) Women’s Philanthropy group desired to create a program to allow participants to “travel” to Morocco without leaving the comfort of their homes.

At that time, many were longing to travel somewhere to see something new: To explore the bustling streets of a new city, smell and taste exotic Mediterranean spices and food in an open air market, and to meet new people… but in this case virtually!

While they could not gather in person for their CJP Annual Pomegranate Society & Friends Event, this year, a virtual mission was just the ticket to put winter on mute and take them on A Journey Through the Senses. They would see the impact that they made together as philanthropists with CJP and feel the warmth that comes from gathering with their Women’s Philanthropy friends.

Together, they explored Morocco through their senses and enjoyed:

– Seeing various Moroccan cities like Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakech
– Learning about the Moroccan Jewish community and how their support is impacting those communities
– Viewing a cooking demonstration of a traditional Moroccan dish –
– Enjoy a Moroccan music performance… And much more!

The two day program was a big success and over 300 women attended.

Here is the intro to the program: