TR Launches iNetPresent Studio Xpress – Affordable Green Screen Presentations

TR Productions announced today their latest video presentation offering: iNetPresent Studio Xpress!

They have truly approached their Green Screen offering with their clients needs in mind. In the Green Screen Studio, the audio, lighting and video systems are already in place. Unlike many other studios where they sell you an 8-hour studio day, TR sells only 2-hour blocks and pass this savings back to their clients.

Most standard presentations can be delivered by a competent presenter in an hour or less.  They can sell the studio time to other clients that day.  After the recording, they work quickly to edit their’s clients talk together along with their slides, graphics, and photos. If needs dictate a fast turn-around, they can have the videos up on the web the very same day!

To make a presentation, clients should prepare their talks as they would any presentation and then bring their slides and graphics to their studio session. They will deliver the talk and in the post-production editing TR will add the slides and pictures as needed.  Click the links if you are seeking excellent Green Screen Video Production in Boston, or please call TR Productions: 617-241-5500.

The video demo below can provide some inspiration for your own green screen presentations.